About Us


Parla Küçükköy, the shining star of Ayvalık, opened its doors to guests in May 2023 in Küçükköy. It is a family-run establishment built to reflect the spirit of the village. Our aim was to create a place where you can enjoy the simple and peaceful ambiance of Küçükköy while feeling at home. The restored stone houses, uneven cobblestone streets, and historical texture of the village offer unique beauty and the opportunity to create your own reasons to love it, allowing you to enjoy it in every season. Parla Hotel, surrounded by the sound of birds, provides a peaceful and serene stay with meticulously decorated rooms. It consists of 11 rooms, including 2 Superior rooms, 2 deluxe rooms with balconies, and 7 deluxe rooms.

While strolling through the streets that exude a historical atmosphere, you will come across various surprises at every corner, such as art galleries, workshops, and boutique shops in Küçükköy. Additionally, you can taste Bosnian cuisine in many cafes. Küçükköy stands out as the newest attraction center in the Aegean region. You can also enjoy the beach at Sarımsaklı, which is just a 5-minute drive away, where we have a partnership with a Beach Club.

"We invite you to Parla Küçükköy for a comfortable, simple, and cozy accommodation experience, as well as the opportunity to discover new places, satisfy your curiosity about history and nature, and create new holiday memories blended with traditional flavors. Join us in this peaceful space for a truly serene getaway."

Parla Hotel Küçükköy